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Goleta Airport Pet Hospital Community Involvement

"Riley" the Arson Dog sponsorship


The newest member of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department is an Accelerant Detection Canine named Riley, a black Labrador Retriever.

Dr. Dave Dawson with Santa Barbara Veterinary Group and San Roque Pet Hospital has offered to provide veterinary service at no cost and with the assistance of some of their vendors, San Roque Pet Hospital is providing 12 months of flea and tick control as well as 12 months of heartworm and parasite prevention.

Riley and his handler Fire Captain / Investigator Howard Orr recently completed a five week canine-accelerant detection school sponsored by State Farm Insurance and certified by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Since their arrival on September 6th, 2013 they have responded to many fire scenes throughout Santa Barbara County and beyond. They are also available to respond to fire scenes throughout the Tri-Counties and beyond, upon request.

For more information about the Arson Dog Program visit the Web site at www.arsondog.org.

The ongoing costs of this program are being supported by local community donations:

Private citizens have begun providing donations to cover the costs of the training equipment and supplies necessary for Riley to maintain his skills. “This truly is a public/private partnership supporting this program. We are grateful for the community support,” says Captain Orr.

Additional donations are welcome and can be made to the “Santa Barbara County Fire Department, Arson Dog Program” and sent to 4410 Cathedral Oaks Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110.

Mutt Mitt sponsorship

Dr. Dawson and SB Parks

Veterinarian David Dawson shakes hands with County Parks Ranger Brian Switzer after placing BioBags in a dispenser at Arroyo Burro Beach County Park (Hendry's Beach).

Santa Barbara Veterinary Group (David P. Dawson, DVM) has generously agreed to help underwrite the cost of BioBags at Butterfly Beach County Park, Hendry's Beach and other beach and park locations from Montecito through Goleta. Even at wholesale prices, biodegradable bags can be costly, so Santa Barbara Veterinary Group's contribution is a big help in maintaining this canine amenity during tough economic times.

 County Parks is actively seeking other sponsors for BioBags and other amenities at our off-leash canine play areas and beach accesses. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact HealtheOcean.org

Pets of the Homeless Clinics

Periodically, Santa Barbara Veterinary Group holds free clinics for pets of the homeless.
Check out one of our events on the local news!

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Goleta Airport Pet Hospital has many guide dogs, ”career-change” and retired guide dogs that they care for.   This relationship between a blind person and their guide dog is so important - our staff understands this relationship and why it is so vital to get a sick or injured service dog back to work.  Visit Guide Dogs for the Blind.

4-H Canine program in Santa Barbara

Dr. Evelyn Brand from Goleta Airport Pet Hospital started the Dog Obedience Program at the Goleta 4-H Club

Pet Information

Below are links to other pet websites that you might find helpful and informative. We cannot be responsible for, nor do we necessarily endorse, the content or opinions expressed within these websites belonging to others.


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Other Links

Below are links to other websites that you might find helpful and informative.  We cannot be responsible for, nor do we necessarily endorse, the content or opinions expressed within these websites belonging to others.

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